Easy Splashing Project

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“Easy Splashing” – Providing Kyrgyz Children with Cerebral Palsy with Pediatric Bath Chairs”. This project is going to be implemented within the program of the foundation on delivering wheelchairs and other essential supplies to disabled children making their lives easier and nicer.


Bathing is something most of us take for granted. However, this necessary function for a healthy life is an ordeal for both the child and for the parents. A lot of effort and cost are required to overcome the disease. According to statistics fathers often leave their families; they cannot withstand the psychological stress. And mothers have to forget about their careers and spend all their time on activities with the child. In addition to the moral difficulties, Kyrgyz mothers face a lot of physical problems. They have to carry their disabled children in their arms or on their backs if they want to walk outside of their homes, because there are no ramps in buildings. Kyrgyz children with Cerebral Palsy cannot attend libraries, museums or shopping centers and, of course, they cannot afford to bathe in the pools. And the only place where children with cerebral palsy can enjoy the water is a bath. But this pleasure costs a lot of effort for the child, and especially for the mother. Mothers have to hold the baby with one hand and to wash his body with another hand. And many of them cannot afford to buy special pediatric bath chairs as there are no such chairs in Kyrgyzstan and they are very expensive abroad.

Our organization, Universal Relief Foundation, proposes this project to help families with children with Cerebral Palsy to get pediatric bath chairs, facilitate mothers’ work and give opportunity to children to bathe in an easy way. Using these chairs mothers can maneuver things so they cannot do harm to their children and themselves. Also the chairs will allow children be more in the water, which helps to reduce pressure on bones and joints. In addition, children with cerebral palsy can work on aerobic exercises in the water, improving their overall muscle tone and cardiac health. We greatly appreciate your support in our Easy Splashing Project, a first of it’s kind for these precious children and their families.